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thracian Valley 2015
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De naam van deze wijn wordt zonder twijfel waar gemaakt. Ongekend is de concentratie in zowel geur als smaak. Een echte terroir wijn met een ongekende traditionele basis. Afkomstig van een single vineyard. Resultaat: mooie robijnrode kleur, typische rijke aroma's met een dominantie aan zwarte kersen en pruimen. De lichte kruidigheid zorgt voor complexiteit aangevuld met de houttonen die te herkennen zijn aan tabak en sigaren(kisten). In de mond is de Explosion kruidig, fruitig en zacht met een elegante afdronk waarbij tonen van vanille en chocolade te ontdekken zijn. NON-FILTERED

Harold Hamersma (score De Grote Hamersma): 8
PERSWIJN **** (zeer goed)

History: Early Melnik grape is a Bulgarian grape variety with a great potential, and an especially interesting story. Established in 1963 in the Sandanski Complex Experimental Station, resurrected and well known today as the new SINTICA Winery. The sort was approved in 1977, and with it, limited and fragmented vineyards are planted in Southwestern Bulgaria. The grape variety is interesting for the Bulgarian wineries now but it was completely forgotten until 1999, when it was put into use by Stoicho Stoev, a professional oenologist. Only after the international recognition of the wines of this sort, it was recognized in our country. This was in the year 2006, when the Early Melnik grape was included as a separate grape variety in the NLVK of Winery. The development of this unique sort in Bulgaria and the right attitude to its potential is a priority for our winery. This wine, bringing warmth and brilliance, unique aromas and rich flavors, reflected in its exotic palette the divine nature of the Bulgarian Southwest.

Vinification: The grapes for this dry red wine were harvested from a single vineyard in the selected region of Melnik, with controlled yield, maturity and quality of fruit. They were harvested on 27 September. The selection of the grapes is done twice, at the vineyard and in the cellar, using a double sorting table. On the first table, the selection of the whole grapes was made and they were mechanically separated from the hard particles. On the second table, all the damaged and green berries as well as the remainings of the particles from the clusters were removed. Maceration: 25 days. Fermentation in inox at 25 - 30 °C. Maturation 12 months in French barriques. Before the realization it was aged for 3 months in bottles.

Origin: The Melnik Region
Vintage:: 2015
Grape variety: Early Melnik grape

Intense ruby color with garnet and light shiny hues. Specific, rich and intense aromas, dominated by ripened black cherry and plums, decanting into scents of spices, after which one feels the unique nuances of tobacco and luxury box of cigars. The taste is very soft, attractive, fruity and spicy. Velvet voluminous body highlighted by elegant vanilla-chocolate tones in the aftertaste.

Alcohol content: 14,5%

Recommended foods to consume with: Platters of red meat, dried spiced delicacies, wild-animal meats, spicy cheeses, and also by itself.

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